About Me

As a young boy at the age of 14, I vividly remember a dream where I saw seven past lives in a row. The dream shattered by belief that I am this body. I saw myself in the dream in several bodies. In between lives, I found that I have a choice on what kind of life I want to be in. The dream greatly inspired me to be more aware of who I am . In the year 2010 when I first started meditating on breath, I had a strange and amazing experience. I saw myself as a slave under a king’s court vividly experiencing the emotions of low self worth. For several days I had experience of sudden surge of energy currents exploding in my head. My personal identity dissolved and I found myself as one with everything.

Though I started my career in Information Technology after completing my engineering education, worked in India and USA in a top multi national company, there was a part of me that knows there is something deeper I need to explore in this life. Work, family, wealth and name were good things, but they didn’t make me feel this is who I am really. A kind of spiritual quest for knowing who I am, why I am here, what is the deeper meaning of this life started within me. When I read Rainer Maria Rilke’s, ten letters to a young poet, a small and beautiful book, it shifted my life completely. It reaffirmed to me in each of the ten letters, I have a deeper longing for serving the world and that is the purpose of my life. I can be happy only when I serve. Later in 2010 when I met my teacher and guide Dr Newton Kondaveti, it is a life shifting experience for me. Among some many beautiful insights I had after meeting Dr Newton, most important one is that, I realized past life regression and teaching are my Gifts through which I can serve the world. Dr Newton opened the possibilities within me to realize a life where I can live upto my fullest potential, be happy and spread compassion and love. ghostwriter hausarbeit

I did several training programs from Dr Newton Kondaveti, including Past Life Regression Therapist training program, Inner Child Healing, Rebirthing Breath Work. I am a certified Past Life Regression Therapist from Life Research Academy , Hyderabad. I am practicing as a counselor and therapist at Life Research Academy, Hyderabad since 2012. I am member of Association for Regression and Reincarnation Research (ARRR), a body working relentlessly towards bringing past life regression to mainstream as a therapeutic modality. I am also part of the Indian Advisory Board, ARRR.

Through my workshops and one to one past life regression sessions, I want to see people awakening to their true potential for healing and creating a life of their deeper choice.

Each Past Life Regression or Inner Child Healing session that I facilitate teaches me something new. Past Life Regression is a very exiting field which is open to new and creative techniques. Every time a client discovers the root cause of their present life problem by connecting to a relevant past life, they are accessing a part of them which is always there and never dying. This is a great and real testimony for our Eternal nature. It is fascinating and deeply nourishing for my Soul to see people healing and changing their lives through past life regression.

I write articles to spiritual magazines including The Edge and Eternal Life Times. I am passionate about writing, teaching, research and therapy.

I presented my research in this field as mini-workshops in several international conferences including several Past Life Regression Conventions (PLRC) and IASD Dreams Conference. Click here to know more about my research and conference submissions.